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kvar mags VZ 58 5.56 Magazine - Czechpoint For Sale VZ 58 5.56 Magazine - Czechpoint For Sale 30 Round Magazine for 5.56 x 45mm. Waffle pattern opaque matte black finish Manufactured by Czech Small Arms and is the second generation magazine possessing a waffle type pattern (waffle pattern increases resistance to crushing weight and enables better gripping). All parts are made in the Czech Republic. VZ 58 5.56 MAGAZINE-CZECHPOINT for sale The 5.56x45mm 30 round magazine fits and functions with double stack magazine vz.58 5.56x45mm rifles and the vz.58 5.56x45mm pistol. The magazine is made of semi transparent polycarbonate, TARFLON IR2500, while the floor plate and follower material is Zytel ST801. Magazines Capacity Restrictions as follows: California: No magazines over 10 rounds Colorado: No shotgun magazines over 8 rounds. No other magazines over 15 rounds Connecticut: No magazines over 10 rounds District of Columbia No m

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